Arleblanc and its rich history.

The name of Arleblanc probably comes from the colour of the cliffs bordering the valley of the river Labeaume, a tributary of the river Ardèche.
At the origin, Arleblanc was a 160ha valley with groves of withies.

Around 730AD, Arab invaders coming from Spain started to clear the Domaine.

In 739, Charles Martel drove out the Arabs in a battle near Rosières. The Domaine was taken over by a monastic order. The monks built a priory with defensive watchtowers.

In the 16th century, Rosières and Joyeuse became prosperous villages.
Agriculture developed with stock breeding, vines, sweet chestnuts and silkworms.

The Domaine became the property of the Vicomte de Tardy De Montravel De la Brossy. He added a splendid cut stone wing to the building and a park with a paddle wheel in the river.

The splendid limes and hazel trees which shade the estate date back to this time. The family has lived in Arleblanc since 1887.

Until 1970, farming was profitable. In 1969, when profits fell, we decided to convert to a camp site to take advantage of the boom in tourism.


Our Adventure started in 1969. These 46 years have marked the Domaine Arleblanc Camp site and we invite you to discover the milestones in our history.

Initially a modest camp site (the first in the valley and one of the first in Ardèche), which we ran at the same time as our fruit farm (peaches and apples) and wine estate we extended to meet demand as the Ardèche became an increasingly popular holiday destination.

It is now a 4 star camp site welcoming holiday-makers from many countries, many of whom are “regulars” who have become friends over the years.

Jean-Louis Teyssier (74), Eric Pierrard (48) and Antoine (14) all look forward to meeting you on our estate.

48 years of tradition guarantee a warm welcome!

We have never lost sight of the family values inculcated at the beginning of the Adventure by our seniors – honesty, seriousness, warm welcomes, authenticity – the whole Teyssier family has done everything necessary to make our camp site “state of the art” in “Outdoor Hotel Keeping”, a profession which goes much further than providing pitches and beds. In fact our business is to make people happy!

For a holiday, or longer, meet everyone here, our family, children and friends… Several generations dedicated to ensuring you keep these memories for a lifetime!

“Outdoor Hôtels” are what families prefer for their holidays. This is why we propose services for holiday-makers of all ages.