Balazuc is one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Domaine Arleblanc is located in the valley of Labeaume. A good excursion is into the next valley to see the river Ardèche – and Balazuc.

Rising up the rocky cliffs, basking in the Sun, Balazuc looks out over the river Ardèche. Its ramparts hark back to the Middle Ages, the Romanesque church is built beside the tower, the square keep dates back to the 12th century and its narrow streets are lines with stone-built houses. A typical ancient village of the South of France. You can swim in the river Ardèche from its beautiful sandy beach.

A good walk from Balazuc is to Vieil Audon. Duration of the outward journey 60 minutes. Cross the river Ardèche, and skirt it to the hamlet of Vieil Audon. This teaching farm stands in a splendid site on the river bank.