Labeaume is one of the most beautiful villages in the Ardèche, classified as a “Village of Character”, just 3.5km on foot from the Arleblanc Domain.

After flowing through the villages of Joyeuse and Rosières, the Labeaume river skirts the Arleblanc Domain, gateway to the Labeaume river Gorges which lead to the village.

Labeaume nestles in the limestones cliffs which tower above the river.

Explore its cobbled streets, its square shaded by plane trees, its bridge and its church. Splendid swimming from its beaches.

Visit Labeaume starting from the Domaine Arleblanc on foot or by car.

There are two footpaths leading from Arleblanc Domaine to Labeaume.

A splendid walk through the river gorges from Arleblanc Domaine to Labeaume. Duration of the outward journey 90 minutes. You can swim in the stream most of the way along the path. From the camp-site, walk along the road until the entrance to the gorge, then follow the path along the gorge up to the village. What to see: the meanders of the stream, the hanging gardens.

Walk from Arleblanc to Chapias and Labeaume by the corniche: Duration of the outward journey 150 minutes. Splendid views over the valley. What to see: the Tower of Chapias, the bubble house, the priest’s rock, the small village of Chapias completely built out of stone. Then walk on to Labeaume through the scrubland.