Rosières and Joyeuse are two villages in Southern Ardèche where life is good.

In Rosières, what were formerly rose gardens are now terraced vineyards. Le Chatus (a very ancient variety of grape vine) enjoys this soil. Savour this wine at the Arleblanc Domain camp-site during the “castagnades” village sweet chestnut roast in autumn. Rosières wine cellar organises strolls through the vineyard.

Joyeuse is an historical and tourist village.

French king Charlemagne fought a battle here, and, according to legend, gave the name of his sword to the town.

Places to visit: the old castle of Joyeuse, Montravel mansion, the Chestnut Grove museum.

Do not miss:

  • On Wednesday mornings there is one of the most beautiful street markets in the area.
  • Dramatized guided tours with characters who you meet at each bend in the narrow streets.

Joyeuse is just 5km from the Arleblanc Domaine, an easy walk or bike ride (5 km).